Agri-Energy Propane - A Little Bit of Sunshine in Every Drop of Gas - Montrose, SD
Agri-Energy Propane - A Little Bit of Sunshine in Every Drop of Gas - Montrose, SD




Why Propane?

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Commercial Services

It's important that the people who work for Agri-Energy understand the propane business inside and out. Every single staff member--including the person who answers the phone--has been fully trained by the National Propane Gas Association. We take yearly continuing education classes and any other training that becomes available to us. When the business manager knows how to fix your furnace, you know you're in good hands.

Temporary/Construction Heat
  • Portable tanks are convenient and easy to move
  • Propane is used for curing concrete, tarring roofs and supplying general heat
  • Tanks range from 100 pound bottles for small jobs to 1,000 gallon tanks in multiples for jobs up to 185,000 sq. feet

Forklift Service
  • Cylinder exchange program includes all maintenance and service of propane cylinders
  • We deliver pre-filled aluminum cylinders
  • Cylinders are filled on site for customers who own cylinders

Cylinder Exchange
  • Twenty pound propane tank exchanges, sales and upgrades are available
  • Tanks are clean, refurbished, inspected and precision filled by trained professionals
  • Lockable racks are provided to retail locations

Agriculture Service
  • Trained propane professionals can help design your heating system
  • Propane delivered for crop drying, livestock confinements and farm equipment fuel

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